Why Immigrations To Singapore Remains Popular As Ever

More and more people are still continuing to migrate to countries like Singapore by the droves. And most that move here pick up a PR and become a permanent resident in Singapore! Here are several reasons for why so many people are doing this!

Many Hong Kong citizens are deeply unhappy with Beijing’s actions, and since years ago, many wealthy people in Hong Kong have also been diversifying into other countries such as Singapore. This unhappiness among the Hong Kong citizens just reached a peak last year in 2019. As a result, many rich citizens have been flooding into Singapore, especially with their cash and investments. In such countries like Hong Kong, where the risk of a communist government coming in is high, many would prefer having their bulk of their assets in a firmly capitalistic country like Singapore instead.

Even after migrating to Singapore, many of the expats prefer taking up at least a permanent residence. One of the main reasons is because Singapore citizens and permanent resident are expected to be provided with more benefits over foreigners. In fact, there were such permanent residence and immigrations related projections here in Singapore by a local immigrations company back in July 2020 – which was when the local General Elections was held, and these projections were later proven right!

Many large media companies are just being propaganda machines now for the left leaning people like socialists and communists. Singapore firmly remains right wing, and there are actually way more right wing, capitalistic people in the world – they just talk less. As a result, these silent majority have been preferring to move to a city like Singapore where their preferred ideologies are being upheld and revered.

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Due to its strict policing, Singapore has also been thankfully a very safe country. As a result of that, people from all over the world who want to avoid unnecessary riots and more want to become a permanent resident in Singapore, as a back up plan to live in such a safe and secure country.

Nobody likes paying more taxes. Even those who are in favor of taxing the rich are hypocritical, and would not want to pay more taxes themselves regardless of how much they make. That is why Singapore is such a great place for immigrants. Its government does not pander to the socialist crowd at all, and forcibly keeps its income and corporate taxes as low as possible, and thus many people – always referred to now as the silent majority, love to live and work in Singapore. Many business owners and investors also incorporate their funds and businesses in Singapore to take advantage of this.

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